Thursday, 4 October 2012

Volcano Live

After watching 'Volcano Live' again I almost want to be a Volcanologist when I am older.

The way they erupt and the reasons behind them doing so are intriguing, but something which I noticed and picked up on and wasn't aware of is the management plans in place at some volcanoes. Its something which I think is overlooked somewhat, in EQ's management is very important and looked at but Mount Vesuvius surprised me:

The management strategy in place is extensive; In a two week period before the volcano will erupt 600,000 people in the Red Area (at danger to pyroclastic flows) will be evacuated through 16,000 army and policemen being mobilised and moving 80,000 a day through cars,bus,sea and other transport means. Then in Sakurajima, Japan, every Friday school children practice evacuation in case of an emergency; they use hard hats and gas masks as well as learning where to go e.t.c.

These management plans show there is real risk and people take it seriously, sometimes this can be overlooked by us not near.

I can't criticise the episodes, but, if I would have liked something extra it would have to be what goes on inside the earth and the mantle, looking at temperatures, movement and the like. But I can't fault the program, it was certainly up there with the best.


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