Thursday, 4 October 2012

Volcano Live

After watching two episodes of Volcano Live, I can confidently say that my knowledge on volcanoes has definitely increased. Up to this school year, I've never put much thought into volcanoes. I always viewed them as nothing modern science couldn't handle. After watching volcano live I can see that I was horribly wrong. Not only are volcanoes still significant, if we didn't have the correct forms of management, we wouldn't stand a chance. I was amazed at how much devastation and destruction volcanoes caused in both the ancient and modern world. When Mt.Vesuvius erupted in 709 AD, the ash cloud covered the city of Pompeii and buried the people alive. On episode 4 of Volcano Live, this was one of the topics and I was shocked to see that people were still trapped & their bodies preserved in the exact position in which they died in. This I think shows the power of volcanoes and how they can have impacts and leave reminders of how significant they can be. This definitely my highlight of Volcano Live.

One thing which I would have liked to see covered in the program was the analysis of possible future eruptions. If volcanoes caused that much devastation to the past, I want to know what they could do in the future.

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