Thursday, 4 October 2012

Volcano Live

Over the past few days I have the 3rd and the 4th episode of the Volcano Live series. Personally I think that the 4th episode was the best as it gave a lot more detail about the numerous volcanoes around the world.

The piece of the documentaries that intrigued me the most was the part where a select few volcanologists travelled to Mount Erebus in Antarctica. The group travel to Mount Erebus every year to study the lava lake that is present in its crater. Here they set up equipment that studies the movement of the lava and the gases that are released. They would locate themselves right on the lip of the crater, pitching tents a matter of meters from a drop leading to a huge lava lake. The lava lake is extremely active and has minor explosions almost every week meaning that the volcanologists were in real danger. Whilst they were there the lava lake exploded sending hot material flying. This material nearly took out one of the cameras and a tent. I find it intriguing how there is a massive contrast in Antarctica, between the cold and arid environment that is the Antarctic, compared to a extremely hot and dangerous volcano/lava lake.

The only thing that I would have like to seen added to the documentaries would be more about how the inner workings of the earth affect each situation and more footage on previous eruptions of each of the volcanoes they looked at.

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