Sunday, 23 September 2012

Review of source used to help with Japan Earthquake Casestudy

This is a great website that I've already posted up before but was probably the most helpful so I will use it in my review.
This site is the US Geographical Survey. It is a database of all hazards that have ever been recorded where data is available. There are seperate sections for Earthquakes, Landslides and volcanoes. Specifically in earthquakes the site is crammed full of facts and figures on pretty much everything you need. In the Japan earthquake we are studying you can find facts and details about the actual event itself. Next a summary is given about effects to humans aswell as a Tectonic summary. It also provides many maps on different things such as purely world location or a seismic hazard map of the area. There are also many links to other sites that are of great use to this particular case study and many others.
Hope this helps.
Keep it real brothers.

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