Monday, 24 September 2012

Stroomers Blog/ Japan 2011

Fellow bloggers,

I have discovered this following my research into the Japan earthquake/tsunami event of 2011.
This was written close to the time of the event so it is very good for short term effects and causes. It provides a lot of facts and figures that you can put into your case study and therefore great for place specific info. It has also got some good information, and even a quote or two from the prime minister about short term responses and how they are planning to deal with it. It also has some good interviews from people who were there when it happened and even one who ‘was eating at a sushi restaurant’. It was written so close to the time so some of the long term effects are denied, for example it says that there ‘were no reports of radioactive leaks at any of Japan's nuclear plants’ when after this article was written we know that there was.

Be careful what you read and believe but other than that, it’s a great source with lots of facts and place specifics!

From James Stroomer

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