Sunday, 23 September 2012

Japan EQ 2011 Resource Review


In our recent prep on research of the Japan 2011 EQ I came across this beauty of a link - - This link from the New York Times is simple yet quality and very effective.

Its step by step diagram system, makes it easy to learn and cover and understand the specific effects and reasons why the EQ and Tsunami happened and why it was so hazardous. Alongside our general understanding of EQ's and technicalities within in that, this resource adds a case study, but not just any case study, an in-depth and thorough case study.

That wasn't the end of it though, it got better, as I scrolled past the pictures and diagrams I came across this other link from the New York Times - - there are no facts, no figures and no description to this link apart from the mind-blowing pictures before and after the EQ and Tsunami over a large area of Japan, that is all that needs to be seen.

In conclusion, I discovered a very useful resource in my research of the Japan 2011 EQ.

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