Monday, 24 September 2012

Resources for Japan Case Study

Well below iv chucked some of the great websites I used when creating my case study the first one is basically the causes and then from then onwards we got some video links and facts and figures.
This is a great source from the NY times on the causes of the earthquake in Japan and also how it created a tsunami. It mixes some text with some great maps which show exactly what's going on it was a great help so enjoy.
Now this one was a good one for the economic its from US economy section. It just splits down all the damages to the economy but does take a bit of pushing through as there is a bit of an over load of information.
From the great old BBC just a great overview of everything that happened step by step and gives a insight in just the shear power of the Tsunami wave that hit.

Just to finish of this is a SGV!! See the shear power behind this Tsunami, the water just keeps coming!

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