Monday, 24 September 2012

Japan case study resource review

for my research on the japan earthquake & tsunami disaster in 2011, I've used the websites below:

This website focuses exclusively on the environmental impacts of the disaster. A lot of times, I tend to focus more on social & economic impacts when writing essays, which makes this website really useful in the future. Specific figures & facts are mentioned in the article along with an in depth analysis at the greater picture. The long term effects of the disaster on the local environment and the marine ecosystem mentioned help paint a much more detailed picture on the overall impact of the event.

Contrasting with the website above, this website does the opposite. Instead of going into detail in one specific area of the disaster, this website offers a broad selection of information. What made this website useful was its focus on facts & figures. This provides essential information for the analysis of the event. Though no detail is offered, it provides a chance for the reader to expand on each point themselves. As a result, this source could act as a checklist for those writing an essay or any other assignment on the topic.

Lastly, I also found a website showing more before & after photos of the event. Though no information I can use was found on this website, it provided a clearer idea of the effects of the disaster.

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