Monday, 24 September 2012

Review of Japanese Earthquake 2011 Sources

Just a quick review of a source that I used to create my case study for the Japanese earthquake that occurred in 2011.

The source overall is very concise and gives a lot of information in a very small body of text. The impacts of the earthquake is where this source really came through, giving roughly 7 detailed bullet points.These bullet points are very factual and get rid of all the waffle that come with other sources. I would have prefered more detail in the causes section as it is considerably lacking in this area only giving minor details, however luckily I had already gathered this information from another source. Overall this is a good source, created by a teacher, but lacks detail in areas other than impacts.

Another source I used for this case study was

Some people say that Wikipedia is a bad source for information, however I have to disagree. This gives good   detailed information on all the different parts of the Japanese earthquake. It then lists the sources it gathered this information from at the bottom of the page. The source breaks each part of the case study down into very detailed chunks of information that are easy to gather information from.

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